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    The number of mobile devices that support eSIM is growing rapidly, so it's difficult to provide an exact number. However, as of 2018, a large number of mobile devices from major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft support eSIM technology

    You can top-up your existing eSIM with more bundles which will be queued up until you travel to the countries the bundle is valid for, allowing you travel between regions without switching your active eSIM.

    You can monitor your eSIMs status in your account. Simply sign up with the email address used to purchase and your eSIMs will be linked to your account.

    You can select which SIM to enable/disable in your device's mobile data settings. Switching on Data Roaming on your eSIM but switching it off on your regular SIM will ensure it uses the eSIM when travelling.

    Also ensure that your eSIM is set as the preferred SIM for Mobile data.

    We recommend activating your eSIM when you travel, this way you can guarantee that your data bundle will not be started before you need it.

    Whether you want to have multiple bundles queued for longer trips, or you need more data, we have a range of bundles available to top-up an existing eSIM with.

    You can enable SMS and Email notifications for data usage per eSIM in your account's Notification Settings. This will inform you when you've used 50%, 80% and 100% of your current bundle's data.